Project Type:  Art Gallery
Customer Name: Beers Contemporary
Premises: Commercial Property, Concrete shell

Beers Contemporary provided a draft of their requirements; examples and ideas, what they would like to see for the project.  Blackthorne Building provided consultancy to help create their vision, crafting a space fit to showcase their works of art.

This project was unusual in the fact that the client was in another country, so all work was done via emails and images

To create the space and to guide customers to each piece work, walls were removed and the room shaped to create a feeling of space, and focal points.

Light effects and positioning of Strip lights (LED low energy lights) and a track light system , were designed to illuminate at multiple display locations, being able to independently control lighting to suit each piece; creating the right ambience (highly illuminated, low lighting effects).

An office space was installed towards the back of the studio,   WiFi group working locations supports flexible working requirements, although static workstations provided our client with enough room for their increasing working demands.  

An installation of a concealed door, flushed to the wall, ensured that the effect of the clean lines of the walls were not spoilt, distracting from art displays.  We created a shadow gap at the base of the walls to give a floating effect.

Precision was essential to pass rigorous architectural inspections, accuracy to the nearest millimetre.

Gallery walls were design specifically so that artwork installation could be displayed in any area of the gallery, supporting multiple types of artworks; sculptures, large and small canvas.

Beers requested additional work consisting of an angled wall to the font of the gallery to provide more room for their increasing numbers of displays.  It was important that this extension felt like a natural extension of the original gallery.

Throughout our multiple projects, Blackthorne has provided expert consultancy services, helping us to develop an on-going and trusted relationship,